At VIOC, we operate 270+ company-owned stores, which gives us the hands-on experience that enables us to deliver top-notch franchise tools and systems to our franchisees.

Talent Acquisition & Development

Recruiting: VIOC’s proprietary recruiting tool screens out the bottom 30% of candidates and helps you effectively evaluate the remaining candidates so you hire only the best. Our Applicant Tracking System enables multi-unit operators to see at a glance where there are vacancies and where candidates are in the application process.

Bench planning: Retain your best talent with our bench planning tool, which enables you to track your employees’ progress through their training and certifications. Use it to assess employees’ readiness for promotion and provide them with a career path within the organization.


VIOC University: VIOC University offers more than 60 online courses for every level of employment, from entry-level technician through senior management. These courses cover product information, technical skills, customer service, sales training and much more.

Leadership training: Through classroom training, store-level employees learn about controlling costs, managing labor, controlling inventory, coaching direct reports, evaluating store performance and much more. Senior managers hone their skills in managing high-performance teams and improving business results using leading consulting programs, plus VIOC’s own proprietary training.

Other training resources: In addition to VIOC University, we offer train-the-trainer programs and provide expert trainers to assist your teams.

Business Management & Reporting

Day-to-day management: Our state-of-the-art POS system gives you the tools you need to process transactions, view service histories, schedule labor, manage inventory, capture customer data, and more.

VIOC offers many franchise tools and systems to help you!

Data reporting: Dashboard reporting gives front-line employees up-to-the-minute data on the day’s sales, while our data warehouse gives managers access to sophisticated business reporting.

Benchmarking: Our system makes it easy to compare your results to other franchisees and to our company-owned stores.

Business consultation: As a franchisee, you will be assigned a franchise business consultant to help you leverage our franchise tools and systems to grow your business.

Comprehensive Marketing Tools

We’ve developed an arsenal of marketing tools to help you build a strong and loyal customer base. These tools include:

  • Direct mail
  • Interactive marketing
  • Fleet marketing
  • In-store marketing materials
  • Brand advertising
  • Web-based tools to help you customize your local marketing