Franchise Advantages

Three successful Valvoline Instant Oil Change℠ Franchisees, Michael Ferri, Chris Malone, and Don Smith tell why they chose VIOC over other retailers.

Amongst all three owners, common franchise advantages emerge that make VIOC a good bet over other retail businesses:

  • Leadership from VIOC including ready-made and support systems;
  • Personal experience of corporate management through VIOC-run company stores;
  • Continuing improvement based upon the experience of all store owners;
  • Concern from corporate management for both your operation and the organization as a whole;
  • Collaborative effort allowing store owners to give feedback to corporate – not “my way or the highway”;
  • Product and Service Franchise – selling oil but on a service–based system with limited inventory need.

When you decide to open a new business through franchising, your industry choices are nearly endless.  You have fast food, convenience stores, gyms and spas, and a plethora of other choices but for many people the quick lube industry stands out, and among those choices Valvoline Instant Oil Change Franchisees have the best opportunity for business success in a number of areas.