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Franchise Advantages

VIOC Franchise Advantages Over Other Retailers

Three successful Valvoline Instant Oil Change℠ Franchisees, Michael Ferri, Chris Malone, and Don Smith tell why they chose VIOC over other retailers. Amongst all three owners, common franchise advantages emerge that make VIOC a good bet over other retail businesses: Leadership from VIOC including ready-made and support systems; Personal experience of corporate management through VIOC-run company […]

oil change franchise

Why Choose a Valvoline Oil Change Franchise?

Charles Coleman, owner of a Valvoline oil change franchise, says he looked at a number of organizations before choosing VIOC.  He was looking at different industries but became interested in the quick lube market because he says he knew a “little” about car maintenance.  He says that upon one visit to VIOC headquarters, he was […]

scalable business model

VIOC is Designed to be a Scalable Business Model

Tony Puckett, President of Valvoline Instant Oil ChangeSM, says that one of the best things about VIOC franchising is that it is a scalable business model.  From operators who start with one store, to the largest VIOC franchisee who now owns over 200 stores, the VIOC model works at all levels. Valvoline Instant Oil Change […]

pros and cons of franchising

Have You Considered the Pros and Cons of Franchising?

Starting a new business is always a risk.  With unknowns in the economy and unexpected events, new business owners face a lot of challenges.  Opening a franchise can be one way to mitigate some of those risks but you need to know what you can expect.  Understanding the pros and cons of franchising can help […]

Quick Lube Franchise owners

Profile of Our Quick Lube Franchise Owners

Tony Puckett, President of Valvoline Instant Oil ChangeSM, describes the “profile” of a successful quick lube franchise owner as “driven.” While all of the VIOC franchisees are unique, different from the first franchisee to the most recent, each one is an entrepreneur with a drive for success.  According to Puckett, successful franchisees are relentless in pursuit […]

Business Culture

Pursue Greatness with VIOC’s Unique Business Culture

Valvoline Instant Oil Change franchise owner, Cathy McGuire says that joining the VIOC business culture was like being accepted into a really cool club.  She says people are the reason why they opened their first franchise and now own seven stores. A Partnership Between Corporate Management and Franchise Owners Dick Jacobsen, another VIOC owner, agrees […]