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Addicted to Stress

Workaholics are Addicted to Stress – Are you?

In some cases, stress is a good thing, but is being addicted to stress a good thing?  It is a physiological process that helps you get out of danger.  Stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline are released from the adrenal gland to increase your heart rate, your blood pressure and to help you see.  At […]

Starting a Second Career

Starting a Second Career in the Oil Change Business

As the American public ages, more people who are “retirement age” aren’t really ready to quit working.  You may have had a successful career working for someone else, but you think it is time to step out on your own.  You may be only 50 years old, and want to switch jobs but worry about […]

Best Websites for Entrepreneurs

10 of the Best Websites for Entrepreneurs

The internet has all kinds of information on just about any subject you might want to know about.  As an entrepreneur, you are probably too busy to surf the web but there are some sites that you may find that you “just can’t live without.” These websites offer all kids of tips and news about […]