It starts with a love of cars…

At Valvoline Instant Oil Change, our automotive business franchisees are a diverse group of individuals who come from a wide variety of backgrounds – former lawyers, accountants, marketing executives and insurance agency owners, just to name a few. Most of them have one thing in common, though, a passion and love of cars. Some have a fondness for restoring classic cars in their free time; some are avid motor sports fans, while others just crave horsepower.

It may surprise you, though, that most of our franchise owners are not stereotypical “gear heads” at all. In fact, many entrepreneurs come to the Valvoline Instant Oil Change business model without much mechanical knowledge to start. That’s okay, because as a franchise owner, you won’t be spending much time under the hood; you’ll be growing a business.

So if our franchisees don’t spend all their time working on cars, what does “a day in the life” look like? And why does a passion for cars even matter?

A Day in the Life of an Oil Change Business Franchisee

A franchise owner is his or her own boss, and  the boss of many others. A single-store owner typically has 8-10 employees. He or she spends most of their time in the service center franchise location, training and managing the front-line team, with some time set aside for back-office business management.

A 10-store owner, however, typically has 80-100 employees. This multi-unit operator typically has a day-to-day management team in place to run the stores, while the franchise owner spends his or her energy on the growth of the business. That work includes scouting out new locations, securing financing, improving organizational infrastructure, developing management teams, and monitoring business results.

Why a Love of Cars Matters

Whether you’re a single-store operator or a hundred-store operator, in this business you’ll be surrounded by cars — and car people — all the time. Business and social conversations, both with employees and customers, often revolve around cars. You’ll need to stay abreast of automotive technology and aftermarket trends. Whether or not you have a passion for cars, this is a business ownership opportunity that can be both profitable and personally fulfilling.

The Tools You Need to Put Your Passion to Work

To succeed in the automotive business, though, passion isn’t enough. You need the knowledge to get started, and the tools to improve your business results year after year. At Valvoline Instant Oil Change, we’ve carefully crafted a business toolkit to help you select the right site for your service center, recruit top-notch talent, train your team, benchmark your business results, market to new customers, improve customer satisfaction, and much more. In addition to the toolkit – the same toolkit we use to drive results in our own company-owned stores – you’ll have a Franchise Business Consultant to guide you at each stage of your business.


Do you want to own a business and have the support of a national brand?  Contact us today — Valvoline Instant Oil Change might just be the right business opportunity for you.