The Valvoline Instant Oil Change Customer Experience

You might think that operating a profitable franchise is only about servicing cars. The truth is that it is about the Valvoline Instant Oil Change customer experience.

A customer’s vehicle is typically their second-most valuable investment, after their home. They rely on their vehicle to get them to the important places in their lives: to work, to pick up the kids, to their vacation destination. Many of our customers have nicknames for their cars, names like Truckasaurus, or Big Red, or The Bomb.

Because the customer’s connection to their vehicle runs so deep, our commitment to the customer also runs deep. Fingerprints on the hood? A lot of technical mumbo-jumbo? High pressure sales tactics? No, no, and no. That’s not the way we do business at Valvoline Instant Oil Change. We focus on the customer experience, making every effort to deliver the kind of high-quality service that brings the customer back.

We’re looking for prospective franchisees that have the same commitment to the customer that we do. As part of the Valvoline Instant Oil Change franchise, you’ll have some real advantages in delivering a quality customer experience:

  • Valvoline Brand Recognition:

    Valvoline has 140+ years of history. In fact, we’re the brand that introduced motor oil in 1866, and have been re-inventing it ever since, so your customers will feel confident in the quality of our products.

  • Nationwide Locations:

    With Valvoline Instant Oil Change, you are part of a network of 900+ quick lube locations. A customer who has been to any of those locations will have their service history on your POS system when they pull in for service in one of your bays. And being part of a nationwide network means you’ll be able to tap into national fleet business as well.

  • Certified Personnel:

    Our training programs are second to none. As a franchisee, you get access to those training programs, enabling your employees to deliver a consistent, high quality service experience.

  • Personal Service:

    Our focus on the customer starts with the type of employee we hire. You might think we’re looking for technical expertise in the hiring process. Actually, we’re not. We are most concerned with people skills. We’ll help you learn how to source and develop the right kind of candidates, enabling you to deliver personal service to your customers.

  • Quick In and Out:

    Because we’re a quick lube, our customers expect to be able to get an oil change on their lunch break, and still have time for lunch. We need to deliver on that expectation. But our customer research shows that quality service is even more important to the customer than speed. We’ll teach you how to manage throughput so you can deliver both speed and quality, every time.

At Valvoline Instant Oil Change, the customer experience is so important to us that we’ve designed the entire experience for transparency. In most of our stores, the customer stays in the car and has full visibility to the service as it happens. They get to hear the call-outs – “Lights checked, wipers checked, Bay 1!” – And they get to see the point-of-sale screen as we pull up their vehicle manufacturer’s service recommendations.

If you’re considering Valvoline Instant Oil Change as a business ownership opportunity, we invite you to experience our service at any one of our 900+ locations. And if you’d like to explore a customer service business that just happens to involve cars, give us a call, or fill out our application today.