Valvoline Business Management Solutions

Thinking of starting an oil change business of your own? A real point of difference for Valvoline Instant Oil Change is that we are not just a franchisor; we are actually in the quick lube business. In fact, we own 270+ quick lube locations, in addition to franchising another 600+ locations. For each of our company-owned locations, we hire employees, manage payroll, pay taxes, depreciate buildings, repair equipment, invest in marketing programs, and serve customers face-to-face. We know intimately the challenges our franchisees face, each and every day. Our Valvoline Business Management Solutions is a product of this hard earned knowledge.

Why is that a benefit to you as a potential franchisee? Because you’ll have access to the same tried and true systems that we have developed in our 25+ years of operating our own company stores. Some of these systems include:

  • Point-of-Sale System:

    Our proprietary POS system is unique in that it enables you to benchmark your stores’ performance against 900+ other franchise and company locations. This helps you better understand areas of opportunity and, more importantly, what opportunities are readily achievable.

  • Business Consulting:

    As a franchisee, you’ll be assigned a franchise business consultant (FBC). Your FBC is not a product salesperson; he or she is a quick lube operations expert, with the know-how to help you manage labor more efficiently, increase revenue, improve customer satisfaction, and grow car count. Most of our FBCs learned the business by working in our company-owned oil change locations. They have, on average, 14 years of quick lube management experience.

  • Talent Management:

    We know from first-hand experience that our success is contingent on our ability to attract, train, and retain, top quality employees. Because we have deep data from our own stores about what makes employees successful, we can share customized tools with you, including:

    • Recruiting tools
    • Candidate assessment tools
    • Interview guides
    • A structured orientation and onboarding program
    • Employee certification programs
    • Online learning management systems
    • Classroom-based management training program
  • Marketing:

    The truth is that some marketing tactics don’t drive measurable results for a quick lube business. That’s why we test programs in our company stores first, so you get to see whether the program has a proven ROI before you spend your own money.

Because we operate 270+ company-owned stores, our franchisees get the benefit of hands-on expertise, best practices, and customized tools that we believe, frankly, other franchisors just can’t match. And we have a vested interest in continually honing the processes that help grow our business, which means you’ll be part of a system that is constantly evolving in order to continue to be a top performer in the oil change business.